Brazilian just got better!

Bossa Nova

Review and Overview: This is a Cool Spot

Cuisine: Brazilian

  • The Deal

You may have heard about this place in LMFAO’s song “I’m in LA”. Well rest assured, there is a reason why this place is popular. It’s amazing. There are a few scattered throughout Los Angeles and I have yet to find a dish I did not like. Everything here is a delight for your taste buds from the gourmet burger, rich pastas, scrumptious pizzas, and other entrees that are simply culinary masterpieces. How is this possible? Well you would know if you have eaten Brazilian cuisine.

Brazilian food, hands down, has to be the best choice for any meal. The catch however is that Brazilian food general runs anywhere between $30 to $60 per person easily. Generally a Brazilian restaurant is an exotic array of meats served in a buffet style manner. Generally there is a sign indicating whether or not you want more food. If you indicate you want more food, the servers will continue to serve you until you flip the sign to stop them.

  • Food

As stated numerous times before, the food is both fantastic and diverse. The incredible variety in no way sullies the sensation of each dish. From the start you will be captivated by the eye popping appetizers and hunger sating salads. However do not get stuck at this part of the menu because you still have several pages of entrees to choose from. This restaurant caters to a myriad of tastes from the pizzas, burgers, grilled entrees, skewers, to the desserts. Check out their extensive menu!

  • Price ($$)

Bossa Nova does not adhere to the expensive, albeit popular buffet structure. With a sense of ingenuity, Bossa Nova is fashioned a traditional cook to order establishment. While this may not seem profound, it is a leap in the right direction. As a result the same food that could have cost you $40-$50 will cost $15 -$20. This place is nothing less than brilliant. Lunch starts at $10 while dinner starts at $15.

  • Parking

Though there may be a lot, there is generally plenty of street parking within walking distance of the restaurant.

  • Staff/Service

Always very friendly and quite attentive.

  • Applies to the Following Locations

Hollywood (7181 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046)

West LA (10982 W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064)

  • Contact

Hollywood (323) 436-7999

West LA – (310) 441-0404

  • Website


West LA location is on Pico bewteen Greenfield and Veteran. The Hollywood location is on Sunset Blvd past La Brea Blvd across the street from Seventh Veil.

Our History:

The first time I came to this place was because a friend convinced me to leave the rest of our party. We had just left Happy Ending after a drunken guys night out, and most of the group wanted IHOP. At the same time our friend, Poker, insisted we try the Bossa Nova down the street. Being the one to compromise, we all agreed to hit IHOP because it was right next door. Poker and I walked to IHOP while Ra, Chef, and a few others jumped in a car. Why the decided to drive to a place that was next door still baffles me to this day, but what is even more confusing is that they got lost on the way. LOST! They missed IHOP and drove around for 30 minutes. Needless to say this did not damper Poker’s resolve and after waiting 15 minutes for the guys, I decided to hit Bossa Nova with Poker. Let say that was the best call of my life. Ironically, I also made a pretty bad call…literally. I called one of the guys to tell them we were hitting Bossa Nova and dropped by Motorola Razor. I would only notice it was broken when it crumbled into pieces in my hands the following morning.

To say the least, the food was delicious. Poker recommended we split the Lamb Skewers. Since I am a big eater, I am not usually one to share meals, but Poker convinced me otherwise. As we waited for our food, we got drunken calls from Ra and Chef wondering where we were. When the food arrived I was thoroughly inmpressed. The lamb skewers came with our choice of sides, which was a mound of mashed potatoes, platanos (or plantains), beans, and pico de gallo. Not only was it terrific and filling, split between us it only cost $7 a person. It was actually LESS than what I would have spent at IHOP. Bossa Nova won me over that night.

Why It’s Cool:

It caters to different tastes and is always a great decision. It also helps that platanos are my favorite food and their’s are delicious!