Oh the good old Griffin.

This was the place to be for me last year. It was always packed full of good looking people every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (these are the days I would go). I am a little jealous however that my girls got to hook up with some of their good looking staff and I didn’t! *sigh* maybe I’ll live, maybe I won’t.

Sooooo many good memories at this bar and it’s so crazy that when I go now I practically know everyone there. The dark loungey ambiance, the fires going, the smokey outside patio, $4 Peroni’s on Thursday, celebrity sightings….all this reminiscing is making me want to be there now. Me and my friends love this  place so much that we are going to get little Griffin tattoos. Don’t judge us, Judger.

I saw a guy puke in the trash can here too.