This an excerpt for The Geisha House. Also read the Story from the end of the night.

We hit the Geisha House on a random Wednesday night because my boy, Music, was throwing a joint birthday party for himself and a friend. Ra, Chef, and one of my old frat brothers decided to join. Geisha House is yet another popular spot in Hollywood. Since there was a birthday that night, the place was packed.

We showed up and I rolled up and down the street looking for parking we didn’t have to pay for. There was a parking lot across the street that charged $8 parking. Interestingly enough we managed to secure a spot right next to the Geisha House. According to the sign, there was 1 hr parking on the street from 8am-7pm.  Feeling mighty proud of our excellent parking spot we went inside. Music and his crew was not there yet so we had to wait a while by the bar. The place was pretty nice. There was a restaurant on the bottom floor, which according to Ra served expensive sushi.

Eventually the second floor opened which was where the party was being held. We walked passed a glass room which had free tequila tastings to the second bar. We secured a table and the party people arrived. I slapped hands with Music, wishing him a Happy Birthday. Ra, Chef, and I decided to grab drinks and look around. Ra and Chef went first, leaving me at the table with my frat brother. Eventually they came back with $10 whiskey sours. My frat brother and I walked out back towards the free tequila shots when we bumped into another old friend, Studio. Studio and I had not seen each other since college, so we stood there catching up.

Every now and then a girl would show up that I had not seen  in a while, but I was already busy catching up with Studio, so I told them to meet me at my table. As we chatted, Music came by to chat. Soon after that Ra and Chef found us and we were all shooting the shit. A few minutes later my old friend from high school showed up, let’s call him High. We all stood around talking about the entertainment industry and what we were doing. Eventually we all went back to the table, but not before Studio and I took some Tequila shots.  The girls were still at the table chilling for a while. Studio offered to by me a drink, so we hit the bar.

To be honest besides the expensive food and pricey drinks, Geisha House had a cool atmosphere. The place is colored in different shades of pink and red, but it is not wearing on the eyes. The bottom dining room is spacious as it the top floor. There is a hallway with glass walls overlooking the kitchen that takes you from the second dining floor to the second bar, all of which are upstairs.

As I got my drink from Studio, Music got on stage to MC. There were several musical guests that performed that night. That’s how the night went primarily. At some point we lost the girls and could not find Music, so we decided to call it a night. Studio was pretty sure he was hooking up with a girl in a bathroom. It looked like Muisc had a good birthday.

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