It’s that fateful time of year that couples enjoy, men in a relationship forget and women in a relationship count the days till and all other singles drink to. For those who are unlucky enough to be in a relationship or have a date, I thought it would be helpful to give you some romantic suggestions as to where to spend a Valentine’s Day to remember. In case you have not made a reservation, here are 3 spots you might get lucky at.

Charlie Palmer (@ Bloomingdales)

This is one of the best restaurants in Southern California and the ambiance inside is only outdone by the food they serve. Charlie Palmer serves gourmet American food and has a sleek romantic feel when you are sitting in their dining room.


– Great food

– Great ambiance

– Gigantic wine selection


– Located at South Coast Plaza

– It is on the expensive side where your meal will range from $150-$1000 depending on the wine

3333 Bristol Street @ Bloomingdales
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1873
(714) 352-2525

Zimzala (@ the Shorebreak Hotel)

I know it is place we love to go out to party, but this is a fantastic restaurant with top notch food serving coastal Mediterranean. It also has the Ares Seal of Approval to bring a date to dinner. Great food, upscale environment but because it will be a busy night, make sure you specifically request a table off in a corner or if it looks like a nice night, on the patio where you can see the stars, hear the ocean and have a romantic night out (but bring a jacket if it is cold).


– Fantastic food

– Ares Seal of Approval

– Great service and they will do everything they can to accommodate and make you happy

– Make it a romantic getaway and stay in the Shorebreak Hotel where it is located. They have fantastic specials for an ocean view room with Champagne delivered and it is only a few steps and an elevator ride away from Zimzala

– Honestly I am thinking this is my plan on Valentine’s Day


– It is not the cheapest, but very reasonable for Valentine’s Day, dinner for two with a bottle of wine should fall around $100-200

500 Pacific Coast Highway

2nd floor of the Shorebreak Hotel

Huntington Beach, CA‎

(714) 960-5050‎

Andrea (@ Pelican Hill Resort)

Northern Italian cuisine that differs greatly from the classic Italian many of us have come to know. Smaller plates and dishes meant to share and enjoy with your company. If you want to spoil your date rotten, this is the place to go as it is the perfect place for a really special occasion.


– Intimate seating with romantic ambiance

– Fantastic service at a venue all women will love

– Great view from the patio

– Pelican Hill Resort will make you feel like you just stepped into a luxurious resort in Monaco or Coastal Spain


– $$$$$ most expensive restaurant on the list by far

– it is a long dinner, you and your date will be sitting, sipping and chatting for at least 2 hours

– get a reservation NOW! or else you most likely will not get a table

22701 Pelican Hill Rd S
Newport Coast, CA 92657-2008
(949) 467-6800