So we’re leaving from Bossa Nova going back to a party. As I drive up to turn onto the street of our destination, we see three kids walking across. House, my housemate, rolls down the window as the kids are crossing while I wait to turn. Not really knowing what’s he’s thinking, I say to him, “I bet you’re not going to do it.” House rolls the window down all the way and watches the three kids approach.  One of the kids is wearing a baseball cap.

  • House: Hey kid…Nice hat.
  • Kid: Hey thanks!
  • House: ASSHOLE!

SssssSSSkkiiiRRRrrr VVvvvvrrrRROOOoooM!

I burst into laughter and immediately rip around the corner, leaving the kids behind us.

What we fail to realize is that one of our friends was in the back seat and had no idea what just happened. We heard a high pitched female voice shouting in the back.

  • Friend: Oh my God, why did you do that?!
  • House: Whatever, he was wearing a Phillies hat in LA.
  • Friend: You are so mean!
  • House: Whatever.