It looks like a simple burger shack…

Review and Overview: This is a cool spot

  • Drink ($-$$)

There is a decent selection here. Don’t expect the variety that you would find at other Pasadena watering holes like Barney’s or Yardhouse, but then again you don’t actually come here for the drinks ironically.

  • Food ($-$$)

This is where it all comes together. If nothing else, Jake’s is known for its superb burger selection. The choices seem limitless once you grab the “Make You Own Burger” menu.

  • Games

One word, Billiards. If you like playing pool, you’ll love Jakes. While it looks like a mediocre burger joint from the outside, Jake’s true secret lies underground. Here you will find a bar to your right and a pool hall to your left. This place is excellent for groups and does not have they dingy feeling that pool halls have. They also have beer pong, which if memory serves, you can play on request

  • Events

Events have been thrown here before, though it doesn’t appear that this happens too often. Honestly the place doesn’t need to throw events to bring in a crowd.

  • Staff

There are really only a handful of people you will notice right away, but they are all chill. The bartenders handle your orders downstairs, the servers handle your orders upstairs, and the bouncers make sure everything stay cool.

  • Parking

As with Barney’s I recommend parking in the garage on Fair Oaks and Green if you can find street parking.

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

No cover, No line, and of course casual.

  • Web Site

  • Address

38 West Colorado Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91105

  • Phone

(626) 568-1602


In the middle of Old Town Pasadena on Colorado. Can’t miss it, it’s been there since the 1940s.

Our History:

We would come to Jake’s to just hang out in a large group. Though we did this often, there was one night in particular that jumps out at me. W were bar bopping and wound up at Jake’s. We went downstairs, got beers, and attempted to get a pool table. Unfortunately all of the tables were taken at the time. Instead the bartenders let us know that we could play Beer Pong!

So that’s what we did. They brought out this thin table and we set up our cups. Before we knew it, everyone in the bar was interested in our pseudo beer pong tournament we had running. It was pretty epic and we’ve been back ever since.

Why We Like It:

This the perfect place to hang. First you are in Old Town Pasadena, which is a perfect spot for groups. You can drink, play pool and chill on their couches. Then when you’ve had your fill and are done with the night, go upstairs and get yourself a burger or your choosing. This is a pretty solid place to check out.