This is Part 2 of The Edison

So we’re at the Edison moving through the crowded bar. There were so many different rooms filled with tons of people. The walls of the bar were lined with comfy couches. The two girls in our immediate group branched off to see if they could find any single women for us.

I manage to find three girls that seem cute. I point them out to the boys (Ra, Chef, and one other friend) and the four of descend. Chef and I immediately backed off once we saw that one of the girls was with a guy. We left Ra and our other bud to talk to the two remaining girls. Chef hit the bar and the two girls in our group came back to inform us that they could not find any cute single women. I told them it was alright and was left standing by myself as they went the bar.

As I stood there, a blonde woman approached me:

  • Woman: Hey this place is crowded huh?
  • P-Tyme: Yeah it is, how’s your night going?
  • Woman: Alright, until I lost my sister.
  • P-Tyme: Really? How?
  • Woman: I’m not sure
  • P-Tyme: Maybe she hit the restroom
  • Woman: No, I already checked there
  • P-Tyme: Well how about I help you find her
  • Woman: Thanks, that is nice of you

We exchanged names and Chef walked up. (Since I can’t remember her name, let’s call her Tammy). As I explained the situation to him, another woman walked up. It appeared this was the missing sister. The four of us talked for a bit then decided to find a place to sit. Luckily a group of people just left their couch area for us to grab. We talked about what we did for a living then…

  • Tammy: So how old are you?

Now I had no intention of telling her my age because at the time I was a bit younger. While that may not mean much in other places, age is a big deal LA.  However I did not realize that the question was not geared towards me, but for Chef.

  • Chef: I’m 22
  • Tammy: Really…
  • Chef: Yep, I’m 22, I’m a youngin

My mouth felt like dropping over in either shock or laughter at how instantly the conversation died.

  • Chef: How old are you
  • Tammy: 25
  • Tammy’s Sister: 30
  • P-Tyme: (shit )

The best part of the situation was that Tammy’s face instantly went from smiling and bubbly to EXTREMELY irritated at the drop of a hat. I don’t think I have ever seen such an instant emotional change in my life. For some reason I felt as if Tammy was frowning at me with the thought, “You asshole, you could’ve mentioned you were 22”. Tammy’s response however was much different than her sister’s. She still seemed fine with the idea of hanging with us. Regardless, Tammy excused herself and took her sister with her.  As Chef and I sat there, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

  • P-Tyme: HAHAHAHAHAH, I’m 22, yep I’m a youngin?!
  • Chef: Hahah sorry man…
  • P-Tyme: It’s all good, that was amazing!
  • Chef: Did you see how her face dropped when I said that?
  • P-Tyme: Hahaha it was like a happy face to a sad clown face!
  • Chef: She was not happy at ALL!
  • P-Tyme: Hahah I wanted to tell you to lie, but that was awesome!

As we sat there laughing, the rest of our group came up and asked what happened, so we retold the story.

  • Ra: That’s good, because if they had not left I was going to pull you guys away!
  • P-Tyme: Why?
  • Ra: Because they were ugly!

Just as he said that, the girl he was talking to walked by and tried saying bye, but Ra refused to acknowledge her. At one point he gave one of those half-assed asshole waves to appease her and she left with her friend.

  • P-Tyme: How was she?
  • Ra: It was nuts, found out she was from my hometown.
  • P-Tyme: So what happened?
  • Ra: Nothing. She’s fat.

The girls in our group tried scolding Ra, but if you know anything about Ra, you know that he says what he wants. All in all it was a funny night. Out of everyone in the group, Ra has been trying to get us back to the Edison ever since.