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One of my coworkers invited us to hit the Edison a while back for her sister’s birthday party. She informed me that the Edison used to be an old electric plant and was converted into a vintage bar. Since vintage was her thing, she was totally in love with the bar and spoke nothing but praises about it. According to her the bar was like a throw back to the 1920’s. Of course since she invited me, I had to bring the group along.

So if you don’t know already, the Edison is located in downtown Los Angeles. The location wasn’t terribly shabby, but it did suck that we had to find an $8 parking lot. We rolled into the parking lot two cars deep. The group consisted of Ra, Chef, me, and a few others. The idea was that we would meet up with a bunch of my coworkers at the bar.

We got to the bar and were let in immediately since there appeared to be no line. Even if there was a line, one of my coworkers new the door guy and was prepared to get us in. The Edison had three floors which consisted of the main floor that had a patio for smokers, a top floor that was closed off, and the bottom floor that housed the bar itself. Since no one in the group smoked we headed straight downstairs.

The bar area was bustling with people who either came dressed to impress or simply dressy casual. We met the birthday girl and took a tour of the bar, which felt like a blast from the past. Besides the old turbines, pipes, and engines that ran adjacent to the surrounding walls, there was early 1900’s paraphernalia everywhere to give patrons a sense of history.

Our party moved from one area to the next taking in the atmosphere. We were told later that the bar had a burlesque show during some nights. There were two bars downstairs, one where the stairs ended and another behind the staira on the far end of the bar. There were plenty tables and couches, but they appeared to all be occupied.

Eventually we decided it would be a good idea to purchase drinks. A bunch of the guys got beers that ranged between $7 to $8. Now that we had our drinks, we needed to find women.

Luckily we had two girls in our group who were up for the task. They took it upon themselves to scour the bar for attractive women. Unfortunately they couldn’t find anyone, so us boys had to fend for ourselves.

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