This is primarily an excerpt for Sky Bar,  though we also hit the Well that night.

Sky Bar

Sky Bar Pool

So my house mate (let’s call him House) and I meet up with Ra and a few friends for a night out in Hollywood. The plan is too take a taxi around to a few bars that we have never tried before. We meet up with Ra at a friend’s house and proceed to do some drinking. About half an hour to an hour later we get a cab and set out to Sky Bar. Now if you don’t know already, Sky Bar is a very popular spot in Hollywood. I am actually surprised that no one in our group had actually been before.

We arrive and get into what appears to be a short line. In a few seconds we are in the front because the party ahead of us decides not to wait. This is where Sky Bar earns its first strike on my list. We talk to the bouncers who give us this bullshit song and dance about how they can’t let us in yet. Not only are we in the front of the line, we are the ONLY people in line. Nice. There is a second bouncer there who is a little more down to earth. He lets us know that we do not have enough girls in our party. This makes sense because we have three guys and two girls. Honestly this is a faux paus for many places in Hollywood, but our plans were made last minutes.

Since the doormen decide to bullshit us, we decide to bullshit them right back. The booze we had earlier starts to hit us and we are feeling a little cocky.

  • P-Tyme: How’s the night going so far?
  • Door-Guy#2: Eeeeh, it’s alright
  • P-Tyme: Just alright? How’s the girl situation?
  • Door-Guy#2: It’s nice, it’s nice
  • Ra: Well we’ve never been here before, so how do we even know we want to be in there?
  • Door-Guy#1: You want to be in there.
  • P-Tyme: Well would it be possible for just me to go in and look around. If I like it, we’ll stay.
  • Door-Guy#2: As long as it’s alright with my man over here
  • Door-Guy#1:……alright

The bouncers let me through.

  • Door-Guy#1: Hey when you come back, be nice…
  • Door-Guy#2: Real nice…
  • P-Tyme: Right…

I go into the bar leaving the rest of my party back in the front of the line. The bar itself is nice. It is a spacious outdoor lounge with two different bars on either side of the establishment. I walk in and look around. The place is dimly lit, save the lights scattered at random tables and the lights emitting from the pool in the center on the place.

I walk up to two women and introduce myself. I learn they are from Germany and are visiting a few friends. I ask them what they think of the place and they honestly do not know. They tell me they came with a group of friends, but the rest of the party could not get in because there were too many guys. They tell me that since the rest of their party consisted of three couples, they were turned away. At this point, I’m already thinking this place is shitty, but the area seems nice so I shrug and return to my friends. I come to the conclusion that they should be able to see the place for themselves.

As I get back to the entry way and my friends, I slip the first door guy $20. He asks me if I can be a little nicer. At this point I’m tired of waiting and just could not care less, so I slip him another $20 with a dirty look. This is strike two. The door guy asks me if I can afford the bribe, so I try getting my last $20 back.  Regardless they let my friends in and I was out $40. Ra scolds me a little because he say he was negotiating with the bouncers to let everyone in. I shrug, booze makes me impatient.

Everyone is in the bar now and the group splits. Ra and the two girls go to check the place out, while House and I go to talk to the two German women from before. The conversation is nice, but not going anywhere, so we eventually leave to find the rest of our group. We meet up with Ra and crew and take in the view. Sky bar is known for its view of the LA skyline, which was probably the best part of the night.

Ra attempts to usurp someone’s table while House and I hit the second bar. Though the bar is unnecessarily crowded we bump into another pair of women. House starts a conversation and we find out that they just moved to LA from Kansas or Nebraska to be hair stylists. Neither one of them have been to Sky Bar but heard it was fun place. The conversation eventually dies and we leave the section because Ra is kicked out of another table.

I mention to House that the bar is full of people that have no clue why they should be here. We go back to the area near the entrance and Ra swoops in on three women. I give him 30 seconds, then go in to wing man for him. The first girl he speaks to is taken and the second appears to be a bitch. Her face remains perpetually furrowed and she makes rude comments off to the side.

The girl I manage to talk to is cool though. She is  a school teacher and teaches in a rough neighborhood. She too has never been to Sky Bar before and thinks the place is a bit odd for all of the hype it receives. We talk about America’s education system for a while and I eventually ask her out for coffee. She tells me she has a boyfriend, but likes talking to me. I think, “Who cares?!” Strike three. I cordially excuse myself and tell everyone that I’m through with the place.

We all leave and hail a taxi after Ra convinces us to walk several blocks in a random direction. As I mentioned before, we hit another bar called The Well, which is easily accessed from Sunset blvd. The place is super crowded with an older crowd, so we do not stay there long. In the end, we walk back to our friend’s house and call it a night.


If you hit Sky Bar, bring plenty of women with you. That is a rule to live my for most places in Hollywood. Check it out, see what you think.