Check out their their extensive beer menu.

Review and Overview:

  • Drinks ($$)

Happy hour here goes from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday and once more from 10pm to 12am Sunday through Wednesday.The drinks are decently priced, though somewhat on the higher side on it’s pricing. The Happy Hour prices here are comparable to that of most bars during normal business hours. That is one reason why we stopped frequenting the location, though to their credit they have over 100 beers on tap! It has an amazing roster that most establishments could only hope to surpass. They also have a full bar, a number of specialty drinks,all and the infamous half yard. That’s right you get a glass that is half a yard tall. It’s pretty amazing! Check out their drink menu.

  • Food ($$-$$$)

The food is is incredible! They also put some of these tasty items on their Happy Hour menu for half off the normal price. Not a bad deal. I recommend the sliders or pepperoni & mushroom pizza for Happy Hour. For normal dinner though, there are too many options. During my last visit I ordered the Surf and Turf Burger which was pretty amazing.

  • Staff

For many of our visits the staff has been friendly and attentive, with the exception of a few who were having a bad day. There is one waitress I am pretty sure swore an oath of vengeance against me because other members in my party stiffed her on the check, but that’s a story for another day.

  • Parking

Since this location is in the Paseo, parking is located in the Paseo parking garage.

  • Further Info

This is a major chain restaurant. Though you can be casual, you’ll find a lot of people coming here for dinner for meetings or after work, so a lot of people will be dressy casual. The atmosphere is bustling when it is busy, and quaint later in the evening. A great place to bring a date.

  • Website

  • Address

330 E. Colorado Blvd, Suite 230

Pasadena, CA 91101

  • Phone

(626) 577-3486


Located in the Paseo off of Colorado, between Marengo and Los Robles, Yardhouse is next to Pacific Paseo Theaters and Cold Stone on the top most level.

Our History:

This was literally one of our first hang out spots, so there are many fond memories


Though we do not come here much anymore, when we did we received excellent service. Some of the servers would recognize members of our group and comp our drinks from time to time. Can’t be mad at that. Also the extensive beer selection and tasty food makes this a nice place to hit for Happy Hour.


Don’t expect to have a ridiculous time here beyond sitting with your friends during Happy Hour, Lunch, Dinner, etc. This is a still a restaurant that serves families as well as professionals.