Consistently a good time

Review and Overview: This is a cool spot

  • Drinks ($-$$)

Not an expensive place at all. Drink’s usually range between $4-$5 normally unless it’s Happy Hour, which runs from from 4pm-7pm. They have a large variety of domestic and imported beers to try.

  • Food ($-$$)

So Barney’s is known for its 12 page newspaper menu. There is also a section specifically for Happy Hour food items. There is a large variety to choose from. Check out the menu.

  • Games

The place has an assortment of games. When you first walk in you will notice that there will be sports on practically every television in the place. Head straight back and you will see the first pool table.

Now you have a few options. You can go downstairs where there is another bar, pool table, foos ball table, and air hockey table. You can go upstairs which has a bar and a number of pool tables. Unlike the other floors, the tables can be paid for by the hour (14/hr) instead of by game.

There is also a half floor between the main floor and the 2nd floor with another pool table which runs $1 a game. There is also a screen hooked up to a Nintendo Wii. Cant’ go wrong there.

  • Events

This Barney’s has Karaoke, Comedy Showcases, and Trivia. Check the events calendar for further info! This is also a great place to go for those awesome drinking holidays such as St. Patty’s and Cinco de Mayo.

  • Staff

Staff is nice enough. I have had several conversations with the staff. The bouncers are generally pretty cool and the servers and managers are generally pretty attentive.

  • Parking

This location is in Old Town Pasadena, so your options are either a parking garage or street parking. If you can’t find street parking, I recommend the parking structure across the street off of Green and Raymond (or Green and Fair Oaks). Though this parking garage does not validate, you get an hour and a half free (except on Saturdays)

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

There is no cover for Barney’s. There really is no line. If there is a line, it is short and only exists because the bouncer can’t check at everyone’s ID’s fast enough. You may be in line for 30 seconds tops. Dress code is casual.

  • Recommendation

Great for a group! (this is true for most places in Pasadena). Go for Happy hour and play a game of pool!

  • Website

  • Address

99 E. Colorado Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91105

  • Phone

(626) 405-9777


Located in Old Town Pasadena on Colorado at Arroyo and Colorado, this is one of the most popular places in Pasadena!

Our History:

This was one of our first spots to hang out years ago. Originally we went for the Happy Hour, but eventually started going more often to hang out. We learned quickly that this place was meant for groups.

Why It’s Cool:

This place has always been a good place to bring friends. You never regret the night if it ends here. In fact I remember leaving from (the now closed) Fred’s Mexican Grill on Arroyo and Colorado because the service was terrible. The bouncer at Barney’s looked at us and laughed, “Coming from Freds?” We nodded and let him know that we spent half an hour trying to get served and left out of frustration. He let us in and we had a pitcher at or table within five minutes.

Besides this night, we have been to the spot far too many times. Check it out!