A bar, a restaurant, and a lounge. What else is there?


Review and Overview:

Cuisine: Mediterranean, American, and Italian

  • Drinks ($-$$$$)

Just depends on what you get really. You can get a beer or something that better suits your tastes. It’s up to you. There is also Happy Hour from 3pm to 7pm.

  • Food ($$-$$$)

The food is AMAZING. The head chef is a magician in the kitchen and puts a unique spin on your favorite meals of the day. Try the burger, you will be addicted to it. There are so many different options offered here so check the menu.

  • Dancing

It is a lounge, so people have been known to dance here when the DJ is playing tunes. I have watched Ares cut a rug with numerous women who anticipated having a nice, quiet dinner. Generally though the atmosphere is more laid back.

  • Events

Zimzala is not a stranger to throwing some sweet events. We actually threw a Halloween Party here, which was so awesome…we have trouble remembering parts of it. Check out their event listings for further info.

  • Staff

Besides the fact that the servers are beautiful (there seems to be a pattern growing here), everyone is incredibly attentive and friendly. One of the most memorable times here will be simply chatting with the staff. Everyone working here is incredibly down to earth.

  • Parking

Parking is quite easy because you have three options. You can either park on the street, park in the garage which is on the other side of the building (the elevator takes patrons to the hotel lobby), or park with valet.

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

There is no cover and there has never been a line. The dress code (in my opinion) depends on the time of day. Though it appears casual since it is in Huntington Beach, we find that the patrons tend to be casual during the day and dressy casual at night. I think this is a good rule of thumb for anyone who comes here.

  • Additional Perks

Caters to pets. Who knew?

  • Recommendation

Go for the food, stay for the atmosphere

  • Web Site


  • Address

500 Pacific Coast Highway

Huntington Beach, Ca 92648

  • Phone

(714) 960-5050

Information: This spot is located within the shore break hotel off of the PCH and 5th street. It is on the second floor past the front desk. It is a
restaurant by day and a lounge by night equipped the best bar selection I have seem in a while! Get the Fernet Branca.

Our History: Ares started coming here the minute it opened and I was introduced to the place a month later during limo night (story for another day perhaps). Ares was already friends with practically all of the staff. He liked it because the staff was amiable and they had his favorite beer. After being there one night, I met the head director, head chef, and several lovely servers. At any rate I felt the positive vibes from this place.

Eventually Chef came with us to chill here as well. Typically, we have started and ended our night here many times. In fact when Chef came to Huntington Beach to chill, we went to Zimzala 5 times in a 48 hour period. It was fantastic! Even better, Zimzala has been the starting point of many hungover mornings. Its breakfast/brunch along with sparkling water can rejuvenate and sate the most ravenous or appetites. Besides the delicious food we have gotten to know the staff very well.  Though there are FAR too  many stories about this place, our History is simple. This place is amazing and we have been going there ever since.

Why It’s Hot: I have never been to an establishment where management greets you every single time you enter and thanks you whenever you leave. That was Sean. Though he left Zimzala to pursue other lucrative career options, he has left a lasting impression with us. Aside form Sean, the  former executive chef, Vincent, was a magician in the kitchen. We have enjoyed many a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner at Zimzala (as well as a few night caps and late night snacks) concocted by this man. The servers and other staff are also my favorite people in the world! We usually only go for lunch when Jessica is on her shift. We are constantly spreading the name of Zimzala as much as physically possible.

What makes Zimzala truly stand out is its atmosphere. Being in the middle of Huntington Beach, one would assume Zimzala’s patrons consisted of surfers, skaters, fighters, and the rest of the typical bro personas you find inhabiting Huntington Beach. That is not the case at all. Zimzala is genuinely more upscale and seems refreshingly out of place. It has the calm nature of Huntington Beach mixed with the class of Newport Beach. Zimzala also has an outdoor dining section with a great view of the beach and Huntington Pier. Definitely a place to visit if you’re in the area for a drink, food, and a good time!


(714) 960-5050


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5 star rating