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Review and Overview:

  • Drinks ($-$$)

The best part about Dillon’s Irish Pub is that the 16 oz.  pints are only $3 on every beer. Even better the 22 oz. pints are $5 for every beer! This is an insane deal in the heart of Hollywood. If you are not into beer, no worries, there is a full bar with plenty of hard alcohol.

  • Food ($-$$)

The food at Dillon’s is amazing and inexpensive. One of the best things to order on the menu is the Dillon’s Burger which comes with a side of fries, sweet potato fries, a cup of soup, side salad, or fruit. Check out the menu.

  • Games

There is a pool table…that’s about it. Sports also play on the flat screens behind the main bar.

  • Events

Dillon’s throws events from time to time. In fact you can talk to the event coordinator if you ever want to throw an event here.

  • Staff

This can only be said so many times, the staff is super chill. The bartenders and servers are also incredibly hot.

  • Parking

Parking works one of three ways. You can find street parking for free, park in the lot behind Dillon’s for $8, or valet your car for $5. We recommend the valet. The valet guys are also incredibly chill

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

There is no cover of course, so that is a plus. Also I have never seen a line at any time of the night and the bar can get pretty crowded. The dress code is also casual.

  • Recommendation

This is a great place for both a guys night out or a girls night out. Guys can chill here and grab food and a beer. It is also a great place to get away from any girl problems you may have. On the flip side, ladies will get a lot of attention at this bar, simply because there are SO many guys. Therefore the more girls you bring, the more attention your group will receive.

Web Site


6263 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Phone

(323) 315-9744


This spot has one of the best locations ever in Hollywood. Located off of Hollywood and Vine, Dillon’s is an Irish Pub and a great place to hang with friends for guys and girls alike. It is right next to the Frolic Room.

Our History:

The first time we came to Dillon’s was with our friend, George, from Happy Ending for a guys night out. Simply put, it was incredibly entertaining. Even better George informed us that one of our favorite bouncers at Happy Ending was now head of security at Dillon’s.

The four of us get to Dillon’s and proceed to drink to our heart’s content. Our friend also introduces us to his Budweiser representatives who were amiable and bought us several rounds.  The cool thing we discovered was that EVERY pint was $3 and if we wanted a larger glass (22 oz) it was only $5!

Better yet, every server/bartender was EXTREMELY attractive. As a result Ra and I wound up hitting on the hostesses on our first night :p After that night,  we came to the realization that this was a great spot to hang out.

Why It’s Hot: Dillon’s has a LOT going for it. Needless to say, we came back to Dillon’s on multiple occasions and have learned a few things about the bar. First, the food is DELICIOUS. The average entree runs for about $10 and there is plenty of food with each order.

Second, all of the staff are extremely nice. When you come to Dillon’s you will not get the traditional Hollywood vibe from anyone except possibly the patrons. Third it is a spacious bar, especially since it has a second floor with a pool table. There is also a second bar located in the back.

What we noticed about Dillon’s is that it is also a great place for guys and girls alike. Since Dillon’s employs many attractive women, a lot of guys go there and drop cash like no one’s business. As a result you have a lot of male patrons at this bar.

Since there are a lot of men at this bar (and this is not an exaggeration), every girl that comes to Dillon’s is bound to get plenty of male attention. The girl to guy ratio is easily at LEAST 3 to 1 on some nights. Hence any girl that enters Dillon’s is guaranteed to at least have her drinks paid for by half the bar.

Seriously, ladies, there are plenty of guys here, who will easily buy you a drink. All that you need to do is sit next to the bar and do NOTHING. So if ever you want to meet a guy easily, just hit Dillon’s. Plenty of our lady friends now LOVE Dillon’s because of this dynamic.

Guys, on the other hand, this is also a great bar for you and your boys. If you need a boys night out or just want great food with even better beer, you want to hit Dillon’s! Not to mention, I must stress once again, the ladies at the bar are gorgeous! Needless to say, this is one of our favorite bars