So following Part 1, which is the excerpt about the Club Crawl, here is…

Part 2 of the Club Crawl Part 2

So Chef and I left our group of friends at the Highlands to sober up. I had quite a few drinks throughout the night and needed to sober up a tad before driving us home. From what I can remember, I had a drink or two at Beauty Bar, a beer or two at Social, a beer and a Long Island at another bar. So I was feeling the alcohol a little. Chef was down for pizza, so we hit Greco’s Pizza Parlor which is infamous in Hollywood and right across the street on Hollywood Blvd.

We walked into the restaurant and I went up to order. Chef  needed cash so he went to the ATM machine. As we walked in, we noticed a girl on her cell phone who seemed to be having a bad conversation (I’m guessing with her boyfriend). Anyway she hung up the phone and proceeded to cry. As Chef got money from the machine he looked at the girl and asked, “Are you alright?” The girl nodded reluctantly and caught my eye.

There was mascara running down both sides of her face. I looked at her and she looked at me.


The girl’s mouth dropped open and I walked away. Chef looked at me shocked.

  • Chef: “…w-why?”

The girl left and I completely forgot that I was a complete jack ass until Chef reminded me the next day. The pizza was delicious though.