It’s as fun as the name sounds!

Review and Overview:

  • Drinks ($)

This is a bar that specializes in beer and a lot of it! The beers range from domestic to imported. They have $1 beers (10 oz.) on Wednesdays as well as $2 pints!

  • Food ($)

The food is actually delicious and inexpensive. The menu includes several items you would find in a sports bar such as chicken tenders, pizza, and hot wings. Of course it is all cooked to order.

  • Games/Dancing

As mentioned before the bar offers beer pong and flip cup if there is room to play. However do not be surprised if your wish is denied because there are too many people in the bar. When this happens expect the front of the bar to turn into an instant dance floor with tunes provided by No1Betta Entertainment. On top of that there are a few other games in the bar which include pool, darts, and hunting arcade game.

Be sure to realize that this is a sports bar so there will always be a game playing or sports shows on, even when the video DJ is playing his tunes on ever other TV in the bar. On top of everything else, the DJ Jimmy will throw a contest of some kind in which the winner gets  a free stein of beer of their choice. Can’t beat that!

  • Events

There are several different events running through the week, including open mic night. Check out our Events postings.

  • Staff

The Park is staffed by friendly folks. First you will encounter the door guy, he is a nice guy so be cool with him. The bartenders are gorgeous and some of the nicest ladies you will meet. Actually all of the staff are really chill including the bouncer.

  • Parking

It’s free. There is a TON of street parking, it’s not hard to find a spot unless it’s super crowded. Even then it’s decent.

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

No cover of course, no line, and dress code is definitely casual.

  • Recommendation

Bring friends and lots of them because is a social drinking bar! Also note that if you are the type of person who turns into an asshole when drunk, you will want to avoid this place. Though everyone here is friendly, there is little tolerance for out of control morons. Reminds me of home!

  • Address

2007 W Burbank Blvd

Burbank, CA 91506

  • Phone

(818) 557-6561


This little place is located on Burbank Blvd if you are heading West  from I-5 N. This is a local sports bar that flaunts a variety of beer. We have been going here since early 2009 and I have several coworkers that used to go there well before that. It is considered a dive bar by some, but having been to a few dive bars in the past, this place does not strike me as a dive at all. First it is too well lit.  Secondly, the staff isn’t surly and the bartenders are not aging men. Also in addition to the jukebox, there is Jimmy G from No1Betta Entertainment, the insane video DJ who remixes songs like a mad man.

Our History:

We started coming to The Park on Wednesdays for $1 Beer Night. You heard me…$1 Beer Night and I’m not talking PBR or some crap like that. I’m talking Widmer Hefeweizen,  Shock Top, Land Shark, and the like. The first time I went, I met with a coworker and a another buddy of mine. We had heard some ridiculous things about the place on Wednesday night, so we had to check it out.

The place was full of people and it took a little bit for us to grab a table. While we waited, the beers came to us like liquid lightning bolts from the bar and I was rather impressed with the speed of service. For the majority of the night we stuck with Widmer Hef. Though the bar was not particularly large, there was more space than we would have expected. The bar was well light with a blue tint and neon signs hanging on the walls along with sports paraphernalia.

Around 9pm the bar was packed with guys watching the end of the game (can’t remember which one). When 10pm rolled around, they all disappeared. We grabbed a free table and watched as the bar began to slowly refill with couples, locals, and regulars. The vibe was cool and the video DJ, Jimmy, started playing music videos which were broadcast on a number of flat screens located around the bar. We were impressed because the music was a solid mix from the 80’s, 90’s, and today including remixes that covered all three (actually now four) decades.

As we continued to drink we noticed how more women started streaming in around 11pm. Now the place was packed. As we sat there talking amongst ourselves, several different people came and talked to us throughout the night. Long story short, we had a good experience that night. After that night my buddy and I told our group of friends and needless to say we have been going back ever since.

Why It’s Hot:

Unlike most bars, there are so many options here to keep oneself entertained. This is especially true if you’re creative. After our first few visits, we realized the potential of the bar. Back in my fraternity days I learned about a drinking game called 7-11-Doubles, which requires dice (I’ll explain at another time). I wanted to teach the group how to play the game and luckily my buddy Poker had a pair of dice on him. The game requires that the players drink a hefty amount of beer. There is no better time or place for this than The Park on $1 Beer Night.

Long story short, the game caught on fast. By the end of the night, we had consumed a large quantity of beer within our group. For the next several months we went to The Park and played 7-11-doubles as weekly tradition. After a certain point the bartenders and staff started to notice that we would always come to the bar, buy a ton of beer, and place “The Game”.

Even my co workers who would come on those nights were curious about it. We taught all of the newcomers and got them into the game as well. It didn’t take long before some of the ladies in our group became friends with the lovely bartenders. As a result our group was recognized for our frequent visits.

There are far too many stories from The Park (that will be told in time), but at some point cops started dropping by the bar because they were getting complaints about fights. Eventually in order to clear the riff-raff and prevent the cops from shutting the place down, The Park stopped $1 Beer Night. Though this made our group sad and plenty of people quite upset, we learned that they were still serving $2 pints.

It did not take us long to realize, that the $1 beers were practically half of the $2 pints (Do the math). This means that though $1 Beer night was gone, nothing had truly changed. Regardless, this change ACTUALLY cleared the riff-raff and stopped the fights. Our group continued going to The Park and watched the fluctuation of clientele. While some Wednesdays were slow, others were incredibly packed, all the while we continued making friends at the bar.

The best experience I have had at The Park occurred a a couple of months ago when I was told by the staff that they had both beer pong and flip cup available. Now if you have ever played beer pong or flip cup, you will understand how addictive both games are. On top of that, we would play with Heff and Coors Light, not Natty Light and PBR. Of course if the Park was too packed, we would continue playing 7-11-doubles. Even better, as  of a few weeks ago, The Park brought back $1 Beer Night!