A slice of New York in Los Angeles…

Happy Ending

Review and Overview:

  • Drinks ($-$$$)

Happy Ending has a full bar with an assortment of specialty drinks. There is Happy Hour from 4pm to 7pm and a Drink Wheel with a variety of drink specials. If the wheel lands on a specific drink, that drink has special pricing for 15 minutes . You can also purchase a fishbowl, which is literally what it sounds like, for $25. As mentioned before there are the party packages for $400 to $600.

  • Food ($$)

The menu has a variety of delicious options,  so it is definitely worth a look. See for yourself, check out the Menu. I recommend the pizza!

  • Games/ Dancing

There are two dance floors in Happy Ending, one upstairs and one downstairs. There is a pool table in the front of the restaurant along with a beer pong. There are two other beer pong tables upstairs. Finally there is a lobster crane game (think a mis between a lobster tank and the crane game). If you catch a lobster, Happy Ending will cook it for you!

  • Events

There are several sporting events at Happy Ending. Check out the Events Calendar. There are nights for UFC viewings as well as Karoke.

  • Staff

Many of the managers and bartenders are buddies from New York. Practically everyone at Happy Ending is friendly and attentive as long as you’re cordial. The typical pretentious Hollywood attitude does not fly here. Be real with them and they’ll be real with you.

  • Parking

There is both street parking around the location as well as valet parking for about $4. There are also several cabs that park in front of the location.

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

There is no cover charge, but due to the location’s popularity a line has been known to form around 10:30 – 11pm. Though the dress code is not set in stone, try to keep it dressy casual. It’s a New York sports bar catering to a Hollywood crowd. Therefore they do not allow extremely baggy clothing or sports jerseys. Otherwise you should be fine. Fellas, why would you want to look frumpy on a Friday night? Dress it up a bit, the ladies sure will.

  • Recommendations

This spot is good for parties and a great place to bring friends. It’s also a great place for both single men and women.

  • Website

Happy Ending’s Website

  • Address

7038 W Sunset Blvd,

Hollywood,CA 90028

  • Phone

(323) 469-7038


Happy Ending is located on West Sunset Blvd at Sunset and La Brea. While some of my coworkers have been here before, we seriously started going early 2009. This is a taste of New York in Los Angeles.

Our History:

I first went to Happy Ending on a Tuesday. I went out with my boss and another coworker in the hopes of getting $0.25 wings at Big Wangs in Hollywood. Unfortunately the bar switched wing night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Disappointed and uninterested in Tijuana Tuesdays ($1 Tacos) at Big Wangs, we left and went to the original Barney’s Beanery located elsewhere in Hollywood. We went inside for a few moments and left because the place was relatively empty on a Tuesday night and slightly boring.

One of my coworkers suggested we hit up Happy Ending, since she had not been there in a while. We get to Happy Ending and the place is pretty chill, though there was not much going on at 10pm on a Tuesday night. As we sat at the bar ordering drinks, my boss decided to find a guy for our coworker who had just broken up with her boyfriend. As a result after talking to a couple of guys, my boss ran into one of the manager/owner. We all introduced ourselves and were shown around the bar.

As the night progress more people walked into the bar. We learned that the bar had beer pong tournaments on Thursday nights had a spacious upstairs that housed another bar that opens later in the week.  We learned the place was a mix between a bar, a restaurant, and a lounge, which was extremely chill. Long story short, our coworker showed interest in some other guy at the bar, but I liked the bar so much that I returned a number of times afterward. From that point on I’ve met a few girls there, ran into a few celebrities, and had a ridiculous time.

Why It’s Hot:

This place is incredibly fun. In fact it is so chill it gets random heat from Hollywood traditionalists. However if you want to have a rambunctious time, hit Happy Ending. Since my first visit, I have gone back to Happy Ending repeatedly and brought a number of friends and coworkers with me.  They liked it so much, we continued returning and every time it seemed we learned something new about the place.

After a while, Happy Ending became a regular part of our week, since we started getting to know other members of the staff. As people birthdays rolled around we reserved couches upstairs for the parties. The group that comes to Happy Ending is a mix of college graduates, young professionals, the normal Hollywood crowd, and much more.

Happy is a restaurant with an incredible menu as well as a bar and a lounge with an assortment of drinks. Our new friend at Happy Ending suggested we get the pizza, which is overpoweringly delicious. The bar really kicks into gear around 10pm and people will party there from Wednesday well into the weekend. Earlier in the week there are Karoke nights, but closer towards the weekend the DJ takes over and plays hit songs, especially the song is about NY.

As mentioned before there is a beer pong tournament on Thursday nights, but you can play beer pong at any time.  There are two bars, the main one downstairs and the smaller one upstairs. The downstairs changes from restaurant to a bar with a dance floor, while the upstairs is more like a lounge with a large dance floor.

A few months ago I leanred that Happy Ending has bottle service. However bottle service at Happy Ending is much different that normal club. If you have ever been to a club and bought bottle service, you get a table with a lounge couch, juice mixers, and a bottle of your choice of hard alcohol for $400 and up. What’s the point (Honeslty I don’t know, though we have all done it)? The appeal is that you get a table all to yourself and look like a big shot. If you have a table, you can surely invite others to join you quite easily. Hence guys will use this to pick up on women. Not a bad strategy, but it’s pricey.

Happy Ending however does this in an entirely different way. Instead of bottle service, you can purchase one of six Party Packages that range from $400 to $600. The packages include a bottle of hard alcohol, another bottle of alcohol or a bucket of beer, pitchers of beer, mixers and chasers, a ton of food, and party favors that fit the theme of the package. We have been going to Happy Ending for a while and even spent New Years here.