What should you expect from this blog? What is our mission?

  • First there is the mission to find hot spots around Southern California and beyond that can provide amazing nights for awesome prices.

There is more to a night out on the town than clubbing and spending a ton of cash (though if that’s what you like, we have some pretty cool suggestions on how to do it right).

  • Second, there will be postings of reviews for hot spots we have found that we love and actively support.

These places, for multiple reasons, have consistently offered something that we could not find anywhere else. These spots are hidden gems and will be fully reviewed to give you, the reader, and a reason to check them out! Every hot spot will also be offered space on the blog to advertise for their location.

  • Third there will be reviews for other cool spots that we have been to numerous times.

A good review should be done by people with experience concerning the place they are reviewing. Trust us, we have been to these places plenty of times and will give them decent well-rounded reviews.

  • Fourth, excerpts and opinions on places that did not make our list, but are still popular. These are not reviews because we have not gone to these locations enough to have an informed opinion.

While not every bar or lounge will suit our tastes, that does not mean that these places are awful. This just means that they did not suit our tastes and probably appeal to a different crowd. We are not here to bash any location, unless the place is absolutely awful.

Excerpts will be detailed, but there will be no comment (for or against) the place. We will simply state our initial opinion of the place, based on the story from the night.

  • Fifth, there will be stories of course…a LOT of stories…

You can’t go out as much as we do and not have a story that’s worth recounting….that’s if we are able to recount it…

  • Sixth, drink recipes…because we love our drinks!

Have you ever gone to a bar and wondered what would happen if you made your own drink? We have, it’s fun, and we’ll share ours with you. Some of the drinks are uniquely our own, others are variations of popular drinks.

It is my hope that we continue to find hot spots, have an awesome time, and share the stories with you!