Bar and Restaurant Society

If you have managed to stumble into this little corner of the internet, then consider yourself lucky. There are much worse places to stumble into on the net. So where are you exactly?

The Bar and Restaurant Society (aka B.A.R.S)

In Los Angeles there is always something to do. From the museums, to the theaters, to the fine dining, to the beaches, to of course Hollywood, LA seems to have it all. However this can all get relatively pricey.

Where does that leave the Average Joe and Jane who want to have a fun night out on the town, but do not want to spend an arm and a leg? Where are the places that don’t have long lines, expensive covers, over zealous bouncers, and lack luster interiors? Which place is the best place? Is there more to L.A. nightlife than the club scene? Never fear, we have you covered.

Consider this site a resource that will provide you information on some pretty hot spots in LA. However we’re not talking the typical club scenes, (though we’ll write about them too). We’re talking about all of the hidden, overlooked places. Places that will not royally screw with your wallet, but still have crazy late night fun to offer.

This is not a simple review blog and some location may not suit everyone. That is fine. LA is a big place filled with a lot of different people with a lot of different ideas about what makes a good night. We’re sure at some point, we will find a place you’ll like.

So what should you expect then? How about I just give you a basic list…

  • Reviews of hot spots that we have visited and still frequent.
  • Reviews of cool spots that should be checked out.
  • Excerpts explaining our experiences at places we’ve his a few times, but did not vibe with our tastes.
  • Stories from or about places around LA, the OC, and any other place!
  • Drink recipes that will either have you ordering more or hitting the floor (or both).
  • Suggestions on how you can spruce up your nightlife without killing your budget.
  • Promotions for events happening in Southern California

We hope that you find this blog both informative and entertaining…not to mention just ridiculous.