Grand Slam

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part beer

That’s it…keep it simple, stupid!

Our tough-guy buddy Army sauntered into a party we were throwing back in college. Desperate to prove his ultimate masculinity, he prompted our barkeep of the night, the Slave, to make him ‘the strongest drink you can think of’. Inspired by Dodgers catcher Russell Martin’s game-winning grand slam earlier in the night, the Slave cooked up the Grand Slam in his honor: throwing a few shots of vodka into a cup of beer, without the benefit of the lemonade that everyone else had mixed into it. Army took a sip, commented on how terrible it tasted (even accurately guessing the ingredients, to many laughs), and proceeded to down the whole thing.

  • Do not order this in a bar – it does not “exist” in a classical sense.
  • Do not ask a friend to make this for you – it is truly terrible.
  • Give this to your worst enemies, and laugh at their misery and pain.
  • Add lemonade and suddenly it’s tolerable, even borderline delicious!