RX and Strip picked me up and they’re just as wild as ever. I love hanging out with them because I feel like the sane one. We were off to Tiger Heat where Strip dances a couple times a week. They were talking in an Armenian accent the whole ride there which was making me crack up!

When we go there, Strip had to run or he’d be late but RX and I stayed in the car to pound some tequila. We took a little Pepsi bottle and filled it with Tequila for the night. We are classy bitches!

I looked to my right and saw this guy peeing, so of course I started yelling at him. He asked if we smoked and invited us to share a bowl with him and his friend.  After we smoked we took off to Tiger Heat. We got in super easy because the drag Queen at the door loved us!

The place was packed! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Avalon but it’s huge! I mean they host raves there and the place was packed with gay men! We went up to the front when I spotted my prey. It was a gogo dancer and if my gaydar is as good as I think it is, he was straight as an arrow. I watched him for awhile from afar but then RX and I decided to look for Strip.

Strip was on his own little stage just workin it! I’d never seen him like this before and I was kinda likin it. We danced around Strip for a bit, I put a $1 in his G-String and we started making our way toward the main stage where my guy was. I walked up to the front and stared him down like a piece of meat. From the second he saw me, he didn’t take his eyes of me except to do a little spin or fancy dance.

I started to get thirsty so we went up to the bar. The bar back was grabbing me some water when the actual bartender walked up to me, grabbed my arm and said, “You are gorgeous!” with a thick French accent. This guy was not gay, possibly bi given the atmosphere, but he was all over me! French, blue eyes, nice body and just plain… hot!

He told me that if we wanted a drink to come to his side of the bar. I told RX about him and we were both drunk at that point so we didn’t go for the drink but sorta danced around his area for 5 minutes. It was kinda like an animal planet mating show or something. I was putting out the vibe.

After I shook it for him a little bit, RX and I walked into the crowd and just started dancing uncontrollably. All of the sudden I felt someone grab my arm. It was Frenchy! He said, “I was wondering if I can get your number before I lose you.” We walked back to the bar and we exchanged numbers.

We left to go smoke and when we came back in RX pulled out the Pesi bottle to take a swig and… BUSTED! Some little Mexican security guard grabbed the bottle from RX and asked for our I.D.’s. When RX pulled hers out the chick just grabbed it from her!

RX got all crazy demanding her I.D. back and even pushed the security guard!  We got escorted outside and they took down our info to make some sort of report. RX was talking shit the whole time and I was just laughing and joking around with the other security guards. What a mess.

Then I threw up.

The end.