Ladies, this place is a goldmine! When it first opened up, nothing but guys. And not just guys but NORMAL guys. Guys with jobs and cars and no felony records! Ahhhh, nice vacation from Burbank…..

In it’s prime location on Hollywood and Vine, you’d think it would be too “Hollywood”. But No. Valet is cheap ($5)! The staff is great, I especially love Winston, the security guard and the hot bar tenders. These girls are hot, provide good service and keep the dudes flowing in.

My girls and I have met so many guys there already. I’ve personally met two hot bar tenders and now I’m pregnant and don’t know which one to make the Dad. *sigh* I’ve also met some cool chicks that I still keep in contact with. Being the awesome, hot, intelligent, funny, outgoing, caring and beautiful person that I am.  = D

I will be back. Again, and again… find my next baby Daddy. That’s how I roll. Mmm.