The name says it all!

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Review and Overview: This is a Cool Spot

Cuisine: French Fries

  • The Deal

If you haven’t had the food from Frysmith, you don’t know what you’re missing! First let’s break down the name Frysmith. “Fry” – a fried slice or wedge of potato that is often prepared as a side dish, but can be an entree under the right circumstances. “Smith” – One who forges, builds, creates rudimentary parts or raw materials into a masterful design. “Frysmith” therefore is one who creates a work of art from french fries. This is the most innovative spin on fries I have ever seen. The Frysmith truck serves some of the most incredible food with some of the most outrageous, yet delicious, toppings you can find.  It is one of the best food trucks you can find in LA. So the question is, where can one find this cafe on wheels? You’ll have to check their calendar to figure that out, but the truck generally stays in one location for several hours.

  • Food

Frysmith does fries right. The staff serve their treats with an assortment of well planned and incredibly ingenious toppings. For instances, the Rajas fries are a taste bud’s delight. The fries are topped with fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese. They’re heart stopping to say the least, but intensely flavorful. The flavor train doesn’t stop here though. There are ton of different fried creations to try from the sweet potato fries to the good ol’ fashioned chili cheese fries…mmmm…just like Mom used to make! Check out their menu to see what they have in store.

  • Pricing

Not expensive at all. Expect to pay around $7 or $8 for a dense serving or fries. You may not think you are getting a lot of bang for your buck until you realize how much food you have to chow through. Once you get halfway through your plate, you’ll realize your money has gone a LONG way.

  • Parking

Um…if by parking, you are referring to the truck’s parking needs, then realize that the truck is about 25 feet or so. So you’ll need some room if you’re going to be utilizing this truck’s catering services. The truck can serve from both the sidewalk or on the premises on private property.

  • Staff/Service

Extremely friendly and prompt. If the truck is scheduled to be at a destination, trust that it will be there one time. That is a plus for all of the hungry souls out there! Of course one will have to wait food for the food to be made fresh. It’s worth the wait in that case.

  • Location

All over Los Angeles, check their schedule to find where the truck will be stopping next!

  • Contact

(818) 371-6814 or info (at) eatfrysmith (dot) com

  • Website


The Frysmith truck is a fully licensed business that operates all over Los Angeles. Contact them if you are interested in having them cater your events.

Our History:

Since The Bar and Restaurant Society started hosting events in Los Angeles, the Frysmith truck has been one of our oldest partners. We have always enjoyed their services and sense of professionalism. When we were creating the night for TGIF LIVE!!! we searched through a number of food trucks in Los Angeles. This was no easy task because there are upwards of 50 trucks serving food in LA. While we researched, we had to find a truck that wasn’t too expensive and could meet our outrageous time demands. We were very fortunate to find Frysmith!

Scheduled to only be on the premises from 1am-2am, the Frysmith truck was promptly on the premises and ready go at 1am. The best part was the owner Erik had the friendliest demeanor, even with the long hours he was running. He was definitely great to work with that night. Of course our guests raved about the truck, so we invited them back for TGIF LIVE: The Callback. Once again, we were very pleased with the food and service that Frysmith offered. Likewise our guests were even happier to see their return!

It isn’t hard to see why The Bar and Restaurant supports this fry cafe on wheels.. It’s easy to say that the Frysmith truck is always welcomed to any events we are running. They bring a much needed sizzle to any night out on the town!