Can’t stand the heat, then stay out of the….

Kitchen 24

Review and Overview: This is a Cool Spot

Cuisine: Diner (New Age)

  • The Deal

Now this place does food the right way. There are plenty of late night or 24 hr diners in Los Angeles (Astro Family Restaurant, House of Pie, Fred 62s), but not like Kitchen 24. The spot has a diverse array of menu items that you would expect from a diner with an eccentric Hollywood flare.  As a result you have one of the hippest diner’s around. From the sleek design of the curvaceous bar to the DJ mixing beats high on the far wall, Kitchen 24 gives you the sense that your night of partying has not stopped.

  • Food

The food, though only part of the experience, is definitely the main ingredient in Kitchen 24’s recipe.  The words diverse and hearty come to mind.  You can get anything from burgers to pasta here, so of course there is much to enjoy. Even old favorites like spaghetti & meatballs, meatloaf, and macaroni & cheese get a noticeable face lift. In fact we normally feel uneasy about ordering such mundane items at any restaurant.

That’s not the case here though! Kitchen 24 definitely knows what it’s doing in its kitchen. Food items may be familiar on the menu, but the actual presentation of each entrée is phenomenally unique. Your tastes buds will also be aroused by Kitchen 24’s original take on each meal. For instance the meatloaf is baked inside of a flaky pastry crust.

On top of the taste, there is the size of Kitchen 24’s menu item. If you do not intend on taking your food home, then you better have a large appetite. This is easily done if you drop in for a late night snack after partying.  For more info check out their generous menu!

  • Price ($$)

The prices aren’t shabby at all and are exceptionably reasonable, especially for Hollywood. What can make the price jump up, however, aren’t the individual costs of the food, but rather one’s desire to order multiple items from the menu. Dishes here range anywhere from $7 to $15.

  • Parking

Parking depends on if you want to park in a lot, which range from $8 to $10 in this area, or if you found street parking.

  • Staff

The staff is friendly, but during a food rush, can become quite overwhelmed. The restaurant is diner sized, which does not adhere well to boisterous Hollywood crowds.  If you come during a late night rush, be sure to check where you are on the list from time to time. If you see a large bouncer hanging around outside, there is a reason

  • Address

1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90028


(323) 465-2424



Located on Cahuenga between Selma Ave and Hollywood Blvd. It’s between Sunset and Hollywood to be less specific

Our History:

We came here on a whim as we were trying out new spots in Hollywood. Ra noted that he was starving, so we tried Cat N’ Fiddle. Their kitchen was closed so we left and on Ra’s suggestion, headed toward Kitchen 24. We were all impressed with the layout of the restaurant as well as the menu. We ordered several standard entrees and milkshakes for some reason. Regardless of our unorthodox orders, everything was delicious. Of course we have returned since then. Some nights have been crowded, some less so, but every time has been great

Why Its Cool:

This is an awesome late night restaurant. You can’t beat that!