Jane's House

Jane’s House

So during one of our many nights out on the town, we decided to hit up Wonderless for our friend’s brother’s birthday. At this time we were not hooked up with the promoters that we know today, though we did know a few. At any rate, the idea was to take a group and hit the club. It took us a while to gather up, but we managed to get our group to the club via two taxi. Our group consisted of Ra, Chef, myself, and a few other friends. Unfortunately our group had a higher ratio of guys than girls, but we decided to work around that by grabbing girls out of the line on our way inside the club. The usual.

We get to Wonderland and Ra works his way to the front of line. He knows the promoter and makes sure we are on the guest list. As we wait Chef and I proceed to chat up women to get them on our guest list under our promoter. Unfortunately it seems everyone is on someone’s list. Ra eventually comes back and tell us:

Ra: So…it looks like we may have a problem?
P-Tyme & Chef: Whaddup?
Ra: It appears that the promoter was here earlier tonight and got kicked out for throwing a drink in a bartender’s face
Chef: Huh…
P-Tyme: Nice…
Ra: Soooo it looks like that promoter will never be here again…
P-Tyme: Blacklisted…
Chef: Who does that?!

As you can imagine, that leaves us pretty high and dry. As we deliberate, we realize a few people in our group are still in line, two guys and two girls. This section of our group manages to get to the front of the line. What they don’t realize is that it is 12:30 and Wonderland is already at “capacity” (This means that the place was nowhere near full, but since it’s a Hollywood club, the bouncers have to put up a front to keep people interested).

Regardless we decide the best course of action would be to leave this scene and try another club. Jane’s House is our next best bet. We all heard that Jane’s House is a pretty prime location for shenangians, so off we go. At some point we lose one of friends. He is wasted and walks from Wonderland to Jane’s House by himself and then back to Wonderland to meet up with us.

Once we find him, we start on our way again to Jane’s House. Our guy to girl ratio is atrocious, but that is soon fixed. As we pass a group of girls, our extremely drunk friend realizes he knows one of them. He starts talking to one of these girl and discovers that she is out with her 11 friends because she is now engaged. Well of course we invite them to Jane’s House.

Long story short, we eventually get to the spot and have a total of 20 girls and 6 guys. Now that’s a damn fine ratio in Hollywood. We get all of the girls, two of the guys, and the birthday boy in for free while the three remaining guys have to pay $10. Not too shabby since we are there after 11pm, though still somewhat irritating.

Jane’s house is actually a house turned club. There are two floor and several rooms with bars, DJs, dancing, and additional rooms for lounging. The place is pretty amazing and I am sad we got there so late. I chat up a shot girl and let her know about the …Everything Nice Girls, should she ever decide to change shot girl companies.

The night ends well. When the bouncers start kicking people out, we decide to get food at Kitchen 24. Not a bad night at all. I’m sure we’ll be back.