Update: (04/08/01) Starting this week, $0.25 wing night on Wednesdays
is gone! It appears this particular location had issues with local

We here at The Bar and Restaurant Society are confused because this spot
had several bouncers working on these nights and still had issues with
local riff raff. No place is perfect, but the location in Hollywood is
packed on Wednesdays and appears to have far fewer issues, including the
lack of a line.

We spoke to one of the wait staff who was nice and extremely apologetic
for the recent turn of events. In replace of the original special, now
Happy Hour on Wednesday runs from 3pm to 8pm and the wings are half off.
This means the wings are practically $0.50, which isn’t bad and follows
suit for most hot wing establishments.

Yet, the time frame is confusing. Why does the special run from 3pm to 8pm? Why not start the special at lunch and get the working class clientele? I’m sure they don’t start fights during their lunch breaks. We’re not really sure what the management is thinking.

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~The Bar and Restaurant Society