Imports galore!

Verdugo Bar

Review and Overview: This is a cool spot

  • Drinks ($$-$$$)

Primarily imports are somewhat on the pricey side, but delicious. The beers are generally massive, so you won’t care as much if you happen to drop $10  on one.

  • Games

There is an outside patio in the back that is good for beer pong! Check it out, not everyone knows it’s back there.

  • Events

Not really sure if they throw events here, but then again they probably do not need events.

  • Staff

Are quite friendly and usually remember Ra and Chef due their drunken pasts. They are pretty attentive and the there are some pretty cute lady bartenders working there. Definitely a plus.

  • Parking:

Only street parking, but generally this is not difficult to find.

  • Cover/Line/Dress Code

No cover (of course) and I have never seen a line at this place. Dress code is casual, it is a hipster bar after all.

  • Recommendation

Get there earlier rather than later so that you can get a table or post up at the bar. Once the crowd comes in, finding a place for your mug will be hard to find. Also try the Bourbon County Stout (if it’s in stock), it is delicious!

  • Web Site

  • Address

3408 Verdugo Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065

  • Phone

(323) 257-3408


Located off of Verdugo (East Verdugo) and W. Avenue 34. There is a sign outside that says “Cocktails”

Our History:

What is funny about this particular location is that Chef and Ra have there experiences with this place, while my friend House and I have ours. Regardless this was a nice change of pace from the neighborhood bars we would frequent during our college days. Chef and Ra discovered this place and became regulars to the point that the entire staff knew them. At some other point House and I hit this place in hopes of finding a new bar to hang out. At any rate, we all liked this spot.

Why It’s Cool:

The location is inconspicuous and interior is much nicer than it lets on. The bar is dark with the light coming mostly from the bar and the lamps along the wall. For such a small bar is surprisingly accommodating for patrons. There are plenty of bar stools and a wall of tables. In the back room there are lounge couches as well.

When we started coming here, we immediately noticed the long list of imported beers. Though the prices were higher than we were used to, we had no complaints. The bottles they gave us were much larger than expected.  This place was definitely a well kept secret. We had a pretty good time until the hipsters showed up.

Yes, this is a hipster bar. It is not surprising since the bar is in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area.  Definitely not the bar I would go to talk to women. However if you are down chill with your friends, this is a cool spot.  They have a laundry list of amazing beers you can’t find in most places!